How to Write an Essay About Love: Sample Topics

Love is a deep affection towards somebody or something. Love is a unique feeling towards someone or emotion towards someone that every human has on this earth. However, love does not only occur between opposite sexes but also occurs between brothers and sisters, parents and children, neighbors, and even between nations. Love may also exist between human beings and animals, for example, pets. Therefore, you cannot reject the fact that love exists abundantly in the world.

When writing an essay about someone you love, you need to describe that person using words, an appropriate style so that you can share your feelings of love through a written essay.

How to write an essay about someone you love

Love, being a deep affection towards something or someone, is broad and requires extensive research for its o be discussed. When trying to find out how to write a definition essay about love, focus on detailed points that are necessary, especially if you are an essay writer.

Ask yourself questions such as does love exists generally? Have you fallen in love with someone? What are your emotions about love? What favorite love story do you love? How does love differ from other feelings?

With such questions, you will clearly understand how to write an essay about someone you love without any difficulty. Your love essay should not focus on love about an individual but also about general living things that exist on earth.

When writing your love essay, there are many topics about love that you can utilize to write an essay about love that arouses emotions.

Sample love essay topics you should put into consideration

The following are some of the love topics on how to write an essay about someone you love.

  • Description of your love feelings
  • How to demonstrate love?
  • Pros and cons of falling into love
  • Moral views of love
  • Love with its ethical aspects in the contemporary world
  • The modern opinion towards love
  • Is love a form of freedom or oppression?
  • In its nature, is love the good or bad idea?
  • Is love, at first sight, possible or not?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Define love: what is love all about
  • Types of love stories you have encountered
  • Is love blind or not?
  • Is it always true that love makes our hearts gentle?
  • The role of love folklore

The above variety of topics illustrates that several love topics range from general to narrow. However, there are some steps to follow when looking for good ideas for the love topic.

  • Focus on your interests
  • Build from other people ideas
  • Choose the interesting ideas
  • Weigh on the possible points

The next question perhaps you may ask yourself is How to write an essay about love? The following are some of the steps you need to follow:

  • Focus on the details of the topi
  • Come up with a thesis statement
  • Look for extra supporting ideas on the topic
  • Draft your essay
  • Do a proofreading
  • Create a final copy


The above article, hopefully, will assist in finding a favorite topic for your love essay. It has tackled several love topics and steps on how to write an essay about someone you love. Utilize it and do it with desire!